5 Minutes With Erwin Lutzer: Children of an Awesome God Pt 4

5 Minutes With Erwin Lutzer - Part 4 (Romans chapter 8)

None of us are strangers to suffering. We understand all too well the “groaning” that Paul describes in Romans 8. But Paul reminds us not to minimize the value of suffering. Our trials should make us eagerly long for our heavenly inheritance! I really enjoyed this weeks edition of 5 minutes with Erwin Lutzer. Click on the link, you can watch parts 1-3 through this link as well.

5 Minutes With Erwin Lutzer: Suicide and Depression

Click on the link to watch this weeks: 5 Minutes With Erwin Lutzer. 5 Minutes with Pastor Lutzer 5 Minutes with Pastor Lutzer is a brief weekly devotional about God and the Christian life. Today, Pastor Lutzer introduces us to three people who struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. If you face these same struggles—or know someone who does—we pray that these stories will be a source of great encouragement to you.

Ligonier Ministries Free Resources

As a result of the global health crisis, churches are canceling Bible studies, small groups, and Sunday school classes. Pastors and elders around the world are thinking about new ways to bring God’s Word to their congregations. Fathers and mothers want to care for their children’s souls. This truly is an unprecedented time. To help serve growing Christians around the world, Ligonier Ministries is here to help you maintain your daily growth and the discipleship within your family and community.

For the first time ever, we have made our entire library of hundreds of teaching series free to stream. Download the free Ligonier app today and stream thousands of messages from R.C. Sproul, the Ligonier Teaching Fellows, and other gifted pastors and teachers. Or browse more than 2,500 messages on our website. This represents 1,000+ hours of time-proven trusted teaching covering topics in biblical studies, theology, church history, Christian living, and worldview thinking. Our entire video and audio teaching series library will remain open until at least June 30. Website link is listed above, on Ligonier home page, click the "learn" tab to access free Bible studies.


Justin peters Ministries

Please visit this website. Justin Peters is a true man of God. He has a discernment ministry which provides great information about false movements in the church today. This site is an important one, for believer's ability to discern between true and false.

Surprised by Suffering - RC Sproul

One moment, we’re healthy, comfortable, and happy. The next moment, we find ourselves ill or injured, struggling, and distraught. Suffering tends to catch us by surprise, and we’re sometimes tempted to question God’s character amid our confusion. In Surprised by Suffering, R.C. Sproul outlines how God relates to our pain and how He helps us to stand in times of trial.


What Did Jesus Do? Understanding the Work of Christ

What Did Jesus Do?: Understanding the Work of Christ


When Jesus approached John the Baptist to be baptized, John initially objected. But Jesus responded by saying that it was necessary “to fulfill all righteousness.” (Matt. 3:15) Why was this act—and others like it—so important? Most Christians understand the importance of Christ’s atoning sacrifice and the significance of his resurrection. But how many comprehend the significance of the life Jesus led prior to the crowning weeks of the passion? In this teaching series, R.C. Sproul uncovers what it means for Christ to be the “second Adam”—and what this means for believers today.

While the Door is Still Open

Visit the link to read a very helpful sermong entitled "While the Door is Still Open". As Brother Tim has said, this is a great time for sharing the good news of the Gospel. We have an open door, but how long will that door be open? In this sermon, Pastor Paul Rader provides a Biblical perspective on this important subject.

The page also provides access to Moody Church Media, where you will find access to free sermons and Bible Studies.


The Garden of Glory

I would encourage everyone to watch this sermon! Tremendous sermon by John MacArthur about Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. John MacArthur  provides us with such deep truth from the encounter in the Garden. Please take the time to watch this sermon!  

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